Large-volume parenteral solution shortages

Brief Description:

Members of the AVMA have expressed concern about the continued unavailability of certain sterile fluid products, especially five-liter sterile fluid bags that are used regularly in treating horses and other large animals.

AVMA Response:

While the AVMA recognizes that it is a manufacturer’s voluntary decision to continue to produce their FDA-approved products and make them commercially available, our member veterinarians are calling for more information regarding the shortage and an estimated time frame for when the products might return to the market.
The AVMA is committed to the continued availability of medical products that are pure, safe, potent and efficacious for animals, and offers the following on shortages of medicinal products:
  • The AVMA believes there should be more frequent cross-communication between the FDA and the industry regarding pending and current drug shortages, as well as possible strategies to mitigate those shortages to avoid impacts to animal health.
  • The AVMA is willing to provide clinical subject matter expertise to the FDA regarding how to best manage various shortages when they are encountered.

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