AVMA Convention attendees let their voices be heard

August 2012​

By Stephanie Fisher, grassroots coordinator, Governmental Relations Division

The exhibit hall at AVMA’s 149th Annual Convention in San Diego was abuzz with the veterinarian straw poll at the AVMAPAC booth, where veterinarians could cast their vote for the next U.S. President. Governor Mitt Romney won the poll with a total of 585 votes, besting President Barak Obama’s 541. Romney took a strong lead on day one with 329 to 266 votes. The remaining two days Obama brought in more votes than Romney, 201 to 189 on Sunday and 76 to 74 on Monday, but not enough for a comeback.

The straw poll was created as a way to engage AVMA members and introduce them to what the bipartisan AVMAPAC is all about, electing candidates to Congress who share the legislative positions of the veterinary profession.

Participants in the poll had a chance to win a trip to Washington D.C. AVMA member Dr. Clint Johnson, of Clifton, N.J. won the opportunity to attend AVMAPAC events and meet with members of Congress.

AVMA members also voiced their concerns directly to Congress on the Fairness to Pet Owners Act from the AVMA-CAN booth. Hundreds on veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians signed our letter opposing the bill and sent it to Capitol Hill.

If you didn’t attend AVMA Convention this year, you can still stay involved. Make sure you visit the AVMA-CAN Government Action Center and track how your legislators are voting.

For more information please contact sfisheratavma [dot] org (Stephanie Fisher), grassroots coordinator, AVMA Governmental Relations Division.

The AVMA Advocate - News Bites - August 2012