Student debt advocacy

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Student debt is one of the chief concerns of the veterinary profession. In 2018, 83 percent of U.S. veterinary college graduates accumulated debt, and the mean debt for veterinary graduates who borrowed was $183,014. AVMA is working closely with leaders in Washington to implement legislation and regulations that would alleviate veterinary student debt – and to oppose policies that would worsen it.

Issue briefs:

2019 Higher Education Act Reauthorization Priorities (PDF)
Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PDF)

Get involved

Tell Congress you support the VET MED Act (Veterinary Education and Training Minimizes Educational Debt, H.R. 6134). This legislation would essentially pause interest accumulation and loan repayment while veterinarians are in a residency, internship, or a PhD program. Unfortunately, under current law, veterinary borrowers are still required to make loan payments and often accumulate significant interest on their loans during these training programs. Help change this by offering your voice and personal stories.

The AVMA is also collecting stories from veterinarians participating in Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and from veterinarians who have applied for the program and been denied loan forgiveness.

You can also write Congress to tell them about the importance of the program. Sign up for the AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network for breaking updates on opportunities to contact Congress on student debt and other important issues.

Visit our Get Involved page for additional opportunities to make a difference on policy issues important to veterinary medicine.

Recent news and activities

Letter to Congress from 127 animal health-related organizations supporting the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PDF)