Health insurance to meet veterinarians’ unique needs

For nearly 60 years, the AVMA offered a reliable and quality health insurance program designed to meet the unique needs of veterinarians. These plans had to be discontinued in 2013 due to changes in the healthcare marketplace. In 2019, new federal rules and changes in the health insurance landscape allowed AVMA to resume offering a health insurance program for veterinary business owners on a state-by-state basis.

AVMA is working with federal and state policymakers to expedite the availability of these plans—known as association health plans—in more states. We're also working to expand them to allow coverage for sole proprietors. You can help. As we work on this state by state, it's important that policymakers hear from veterinarians like you.

The current state

Currently, the AVMA health program is available in select states. In other states, we're navigating complicated regulations and market conditions to expand coverage as quickly as possible. We know that AVMA members are eagerly waiting on these plans.

To expedite this effort, we've supported federal legislation—the Association Health Plans Act of 2019, S. 1170/H.R. 2294—to allow association health plans to be offered in additional states. This same legislation would allow expansion of these plans to include veterinarians who are sole proprietors as well as those who are employers. In states without current access to coverage, we're also working with state insurance commissioners and legislators to break down regulatory barriers and collaborating with insurance providers to establish options.