AVMA Fellowship Program

The application period for the 2018-2019 AVMA Fellowship Program is now closed. The application period for the 2019-2020 AVMA Fellowship Program will open in fall 2018.

From recent veterinary school graduates to veterinarians with years of experience, every veterinarian possesses the skills needed to make a difference. The AVMA Fellowship Program is an unparalleled opportunity to shape public policy while enhancing your knowledge of the political process.​

Being an AVMA Fellow means career opportunities 

The 2018-2019 AVMA Fellowship Program, in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellowship Program, will run from the last week in August 2018 through August 2019.

AVMA Fellows:

  • serve for one year in Washington D.C. as scientific advisors to members of Congress.
  • play pivotal roles in shaping and influencing key legislation affecting the veterinary profession, and the health and safety of our nation.
  • receive a stipend of approximately $87,000 to ​offset the cost of living and reimbursement for certain expenses incurred during the ​Fellowship.
  • receive up to $6,000 to offset the cost of health insurance premiums.
  • represent the veterinary profession in the legislative branch of government.
  • use science-based decision making in public policy development.
  • influence important public policy discussions.

​Learn more about the AVMA's Congressional Fellowship Program on our Frequently Asked Questions page. For additional questions, please email fellowship@avma.org.

Want to hear about the Fellowship first-hand? Check out the video below where Dr. Chase Crawford recounts his experience as a 2014-2015 AVMA Fellow in the office of Senator Al Franken (D-MN).