AVMA Ambassador Program

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The AVMA Ambassador Program connects veterinarians directly with members of Congress, mobilizing local, individual leaders. Ambassadors visit with lawmakers in their home state, building and nurturing relationships and ensuring that legislators hear directly from constituent veterinarians about issues that are important to the profession.

Veterinary input is needed at local, state, and national levels to inform legislative and regulatory decisions. Our expertise as veterinarians can advise lawmakers as they implement public policies and programs that advance animal health, protect public health, support our teams, and strengthen our profession.

The AVMA Ambassador program effectively positions veterinarians as leaders on all issues involving animal health and welfare, veterinary medicine, and small business.

Our voices advance veterinary priorities

Since the program began in 2018, veterinary ambassadors have attended 250+ events with more than 280 lawmakers representing 48 states.

Some of these meetings consisted of legislators visiting veterinary practices to see first-hand how policy issues affect the profession and our animal patients. Others took place virtually or at fundraisers through the AVMA PAC.

Become a veterinary ambassador

If you’re interested in meeting with your members of Congress to discuss top-priority issues facing the practice of veterinary medicine, please email grassroots advocacy coordinator Brian Davis at bdavisatavma [dot] org (bdavis[at]avma[dot]org).