SAVMA Committees

There are several standing Student AVMA committees which benefit Student AVMA members and represent student views to AVMA committees. A listing of these committees are as follows.


Animal Welfare and Environmental Stewardship Committee

The SAVMA Animal Welfare and Environmental Stewardship Committee serves to inform veterinary students about current information surrounding the topics of animal welfare and environmental conservation in our society. We also take a role in promoting these bonds through annual scholarships available to SAVMA members, and maintaining our knowledge through liaisons to AVMA Standing Committees. As a committee, we seek to: strive for the advancement of animal welfare and environmental conservation and sustainability by encouraging student interest in these fields, celebrate and learn more about the human-animal bond, encourage participation in organized animal medicine, and recognize students who make an outstanding contribution to the disciplines of animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Animal Welfare and Environmental Stwardship Committee Member Area


Education and Professional Development Committee

The committee shall serve to encourage the development and refinement of veterinary educational programs at veterinary schools in the United States and other AVMA-accredited institutions, promote education and awareness on current economic issues within the veterinary industry, and provide opportunities for student personal and professional development. The Committee also serves to maintain relationships with the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges and the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. These liaisons shall represent SAVMA, as well as provide accurate and evidence-based information on changes within the veterinary profession as it pertains to education, licensure, and economics to SAVMA and veterinary professionals.

Education and Professional Development Committee Member Area


Government Affairs Committee


The Government Affairs Committee serves as the Student AVMA liaison to the AVMA Government Relations Division in Washington D.C. The Committee informs veterinary students of pending and approved legislation that affects the veterinary profession and its students. The GAC encourages and promotes the involvement of veterinary students in the legislative process. The GAC chair or the chair's appointee will serve as the student liaison for the AVMA/SAVMA Legislative Day Fly-In. The LAC, PAC and SAC positions will serve as student liaisons for the AVMA Legislative Advisory Committee, AVMA Political Action Committee and AVMA State Advocacy Committee respectively.

Government Affairs Committee Member Area


Integrative Communications and Diversity Committee

The Integrative Communications and Diversity Committee seeks to reinforce and enhance communication lines between the AVMA, SAVMA, and the SAVMA Chapters and Student Associate organizations. In addition to promoting exchange of information within the veterinary community, other goals of the ICDC committee include reaching out to sponsor veterinary related projects in the community as well as promoting diversity within veterinary medicine. Three scholarships are awarded by this committee. They are the Communicating Diversity: The Many Faces of Medicine Grant; the Multicultural Diversity Awareness Grant; and the Communications and Diversity Travel grant which is offered biannually. Visit our member area for more information..

Integrative Communications and Diversity Committee Member Area


International Veterinary Experience Committee

The IVEC promotes the advancement of veterinary education and animal welfare throughout the world. The committee facilitates individual, cultural and educational exchanges through the recruitment of veterinarians and veterinary students to participate in international student exchange programs. The committee also distributes information about the activities of the International Veterinary Student Association and encourages local chapters to be involved in international activities. The committee works closely with the SAVMA International Exchange Officer. The committee also distributes scholarships and grants to promote international exchanges.

International Veterinary Experience Committee Member Area


Public Health and Community Outreach Committee

The Public Health and Community Outreach Committee aims to educate veterinary students about emerging issues in veterinary medicine, increase veterinary medical service to underserved areas, and encourage youth to consider a career in veterinary medicine. The committee works closely with the Global and Public Health Officer and Officer-Elect on the SAVMA executive board.

Public Health and Community Outreach Committee Member Area


Symposium Committee

The Symposium Committee is charged with the responsibility to keep the Student AVMA Symposium rules and guidelines current and to aid in the transfer of information among hosting schools. The Symposium is a major event designed to expose students to areas of veterinary medicine that are not usually covered in their regular curricula and promote networking and camaraderie among future colleagues. The SAVMA Symposium is held at a different veterinary school each spring. The host school is selected by the House of Delegates based on bid proposals from interested schools two years prior to hosting the symposium.

Symposium Committee Member Area


SAVMA Wellness Committee

The SAVMA Wellness committee was created as a continuation of the SAVMA Wellness Task Force after a growing body of evidence showed that veterinary students experienced high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. The committee serves to promote student physical, mental, and emotional wellness at 
veterinary schools in the United States and other AVMA-accredited institutions in an 
effort to contribute to the enhancement of wellness within the veterinary profession.  The committee encourages SAVMA Chapters to become involved in student 
wellness initiatives at their respective schools and colleges. 
The committee facilitates and shares wellness programs and/or opportunities within the 
veterinary student community between all veterinary schools, and AVMA-accredited institutions and communicates SAVMA member wellness-related affairs to the HOD.

SAVMA Wellness Committee Member Area