SAVMA membership dues & journal subscriptions 2014-2015

SAVMA membership is open to any full-time student enrolled in a program of study leading directly to a professional veterinary degree, granted by a school or college of veterinary medicine.

Student Chapter Member

If you are at a school with a Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association you will register for membership under SCAVMA. Please note you will pay for your SCAVMA Membership fees, your SAVMA Membership fees, and any journal subscriptions you choose to order in this registration process.


If you are a student at St. Matthew's University you will register for membership under SAAVMA. Please note you will pay for your SAAVMA Membership fees, your SAVMA Membership fees, and any journal subscriptions you choose to order in this registration process.

Student Associate Member

If you are a student enrolled in a veterinary program that will lead to a degree in veterinary medicine and are at a school without a SCAVMA or a SAAVMA you will register for SAVMA membership under Student Associate Member.

Journal Orders

If you are already a SAVMA member for the 2014-2015 school year and wish to purchase a journal subscription, you will register and pay for your journal choice through the SAVMA online dues system. This will ensure that you receive your journal subscription choice at the student reduced rate of $40 per subscription. Please note your journal subscription will be mailed within 4-8 weeks after your date of purchase due to processing and handling.

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