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CDC Website- Overweight and Obesity

Some examples of information that this link contains are: defining overweight and obesity, causes and consequences, data and statistics, childhood overweight and obesity, guide for obesity prevention, state based programs, recommendations, resources, podcasts, nutrition, and physical activity. This website is extremely easy to navigate and it contains much more useful information than what is listed above on how to live a healthier life.

CDC- Body Mass Index aka "BMI"

Body Mass Index is a number that is calculated from a person's weight and height. BMI is a reliable indicator of body fat content for most people and it is used to screen for weight categories that may cause health problems. It is extremely quick and easy to find your BMI. If you have children under the age of 19 you should use the "Child and Teen BMI Calculator" also on this site for a more accurate BMI. Please contact your health care provider to discuss appropriate methods to achieve weight loss, every person is different!

"Healthy Weight, It's not a diet- it's a lifestyle!!"

This CDC healthy weight website has several useful tips: assessing weight, losing weight, preventing weight gain, physical activity for healthy weight, healthy eating, tips for parents, the health effects of overweight and obesity. Make sure to check out this website for several ways for you and your family to achieve a long and healthy life!

Pet Obesity Prevention Website

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention website by Dr. Ernie Ward (veterinarian on the Rachael Ray Show) contains pet obesity facts & risks, pet weight check, ideal weight ranges for pets, pet caloric needs, weight loss tools, calorie content of major pet foods, and links to pet obesity in the news. This website is extremely user friendly and is geared towards helping pet owners understand the importance of keeping their pets at a healthy weight as well as providing a great amount of tips to make that happen. This website also contains information on National Pet Obesity Awareness Day which will be October 14, 2009 along with results from 2008's pet obesity study.  

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