AVMA Partnerships

AVMA Partnerships

Joining together to strengthen the veterinary profession

For over a century and a half, the AVMA has supported veterinarians, veterinary medicine and animal health at the local, national and global levels. Our commitment to our members is uncompromising, and we don’t do it alone. We partner with many organizations, corporations, institutions, nonprofits and others who share our commitment to supporting animal health and advancing veterinary medicine. Through these relationships, we have built a cohesive network of communication, education and influence that reaches every corner of the country and beyond, and every facet of the profession.

Partnerships, sponsorships and support from outside organizations are instrumental in helping the AVMA build tools and resources that help working veterinarians, and amplifying our voice as we advocate for both veterinary professionals and our animal patients.

Policy and Advocacy

One of our key strengths lies in the development of policy that is scientifically grounded, experientially based, and representative of our 93,000-plus members and more than 650 volunteers. In addition, we advocate for the interests of veterinarians at the federal, state, and local government levels, ensuring that the veterinary perspective is top of mind among the nation's lawmakers.

  • The AVMA Annual Legislative Fly-In brings veterinary students and veterinarians to Washington, D.C., to meet face to face with lawmakers and advocate on key legislative issues affecting the profession.

Tools and Resources

AVMA policy doesn't just sit on a shelf. We translate science into application by developing practical resources, tools and programs that support our members and enhance their opportunities for success. Areas of focus include early career veterinarians and recent graduates, leadership development, wellbeing, financial education, telehealth, practice performance, and more.

  • The AVMA offers a variety of wellbeing tools to support the mental health and personal satisfaction of veterinarians both at work and at home. These include co-sponsorship of the 2018 Veterinary Wellbeing Summit to explore practical wellbeing strategies, and a free suicide prevention training program that teaches AVMA and Student AVMA members to recognize signs that someone may be in crisis and guide them to seek professional help.
  • Free business tools help educate clients about the importance of preventive care, provide the highest quality of medicine, and run successful practices.
  • The Veterinary Debt Initiative (VDI) is a multi-faceted partnership that unites organizations across the veterinary profession to improve the financial picture for veterinarians. The VDI shares best practices, knowledge and ideas to enhance financial literacy, explores ways to reduce the cost of education, and creates resources to help veterinarians reduce and manage debt.
  • The AVMA Future Leaders Program hones the leadership and team-building skills of veterinarians, to help advance their career goals and benefit the entire profession. 

Lifelong Learning

Our educational accreditation, professional development and continuing education opportunities inform and elevate the quality of medicine provided by veterinarians. These programs help our members thrive and continue to meet their personal and professional goals.

  • AVMA Convention brings together thousands of veterinary professionals from across the country for five days of education, training and hands-on learning taught by the best and the brightest in veterinary medicine. Whether contributing quality educational content, offering expertise inside the classroom, or helping to offset the cost of attendee registration, participation and support from our many sponsors helps make AVMA Convention the can’t-miss veterinary event of the year.
  • The Veterinary Leadership Conference provides three days of networking and workshop opportunities for current and emerging leaders to hone their leadership and team-building skills, and learn more about the inner workings of policy development at the AVMA.
  • AVMA Axon offers a growing library of convenient, easy-to-use CE courses for the whole veterinary team. The platform provides 24/7 access to high-quality content delivered by leading experts in the field. Offerings helps participants transform knowledge and information into new behaviors that make a real impact in their lives and the lives of their patients.
  • The Human-Animal Bond certificate program teaches veterinary professionals the science behind the human-animal bond and its benefits for animals and people, and provides practical advice on how to ensure good bonds are built and maintained.
  • The AVMA Excellence Awards recognize veterinarians and other experts who have made significant contributions to improve animal health, science, and welfare across all disciplines and career paths.

Industry Research

The AVMA is the most trusted source of cutting-edge research and comprehensive data analysis pertaining to every facet of the veterinary profession.

  • The AVMA Animal Health Studies Database (AAHSD) serves as a central repository where veterinary researchers can list clinical trials and other prospective clinical studies, and solicit enrollment of animal patients. We partner with educational institutions, federal agencies, non-profits and special-interest groups to help promote and populate this database to facilitate new discoveries in veterinary medicine.

Public Outreach

The AVMA plays a crucial role in public outreach and education, highlighting the important and varied work of veterinarians to advance both animal and human health. Our outreach includes public awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and events that communicate the importance of veterinary care, animal health and the impact of the human-animal bond.

Partnership Opportunities

There are many opportunities to partner with the AVMA to help support our members and join in our work to protect, promote and advance veterinarians and veterinary medicine. To learn more about AVMA initiatives, and how your organization can collaborate with us, please email AVMAPartnershipsatavma [dot] org.