HOD resolutions and proposed bylaw amendments

Resolutions and bylaw amendments considered by the AVMA House of Delegates in 2023. Resolutions and bylaw amendments are numbered in chronological order within the calendar year, based on the order in which they are received.

Winter session: January 2023

Resolutions and proposed bylaw amendments considered by the AVMA House of Delegates during the winter session in January 2023:

  • Resolution 1 – Supersede policy on responsible breeding of companion animals
  • Resolution 2 – Supersede policy on therapeutic medications in non-racing performance horses
  • Resolution 3 – New policy on unregulated horse racing
  • Resolution 4 – Supersede policy on castration and dehorning of cattle
  • Resolution 5 – Consolidated policy on harmonized approach to voluntary and regulated aquatic animal health programs
  • Resolution 6 – Consolidated policy on veterinary compounding
  • Resolution 7 – Revised policy on the importance of veterinarians in food safety
  • Resolution 8 – Revised policy on the veterinarian's role in supporting appropriate selection and use of service, assistance, emotional support, and therapy animals
  • Resolution 9 – Revised policy on dog bite prevention

Veterinary Information Forum – topics

  • Optimally engaging the veterinary healthcare team
  • Responsibility to provide emergency care