2023 winter HOD proceedings

AVMA House of Delegates (HOD)
January 6-7, 2023
Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk

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Informational items
HOD roster and advisory panel membership
HOD manual
New HOD members
Members whose terms expire—Close of 2023 regular winter session

HOD regular winter session
Order of business
2023 HOD reference committee membership
2023 Board of Directors and staff attending reference committees

Resolution 1 – Supersede policy on responsible breeding of companion animals
Resolution 2 – Supersede policy on therapeutic medications in non-racing performance horses
Resolution 3 – New policy on unregulated horse racing
Resolution 4 – Supersede policy on castration and dehorning of cattle
Resolution 5 – Consolidated policy on harmonized approach to voluntary and regulated aquatic animal health programs
Resolution 6 – Consolidated policy on veterinary compounding
Resolution 7 – Revised policy on the importance of veterinarians in food safety
Resolution 8 – Revised policy on the veterinarian's role in supporting appropriate selection and use of service, assistance, emotional support, and therapy animals
Resolution 9 – Revised policy on dog bite prevention

Action taken by the 2023 House of Delegates
Minutes—2023 House of Delegates regular winter session