About the "Future Critical Issues Scan"

February 2010

What is a "Future Critical Issues Scan" and why is it needed?

The first phase of the four-phase planning process, critical issue identification, (see Approved Plans for more information) is accomplished by conducting an environmental scan known as a "Future Critical Issues Scan." The objective of the critical issues scan is to elicit opinions from stakeholders about the most critical issues facing the veterinary profession in the next 5 years.

Tell Us What You Think

The AVMA is a dynamic organization and relies on the input of many advisory bodies, volunteers, members, staff, and other stakeholders to identify the most critical issues facing the profession and the association. Your input is requested on key issues. To participate in the critical issues scan, please click here.

Summary of AVMA Critical Issues Scan conducted February-March, 2010 (prepared by the AVMA Communications Division)