Dr. Ronald E. Gill Candidacy Statement

​​Statement of Reason for Seeking Office

Dr. Ronald E. Gill As a mixed animal practitioner with many years of experience in organized veterinary medicine at both the state and national levels, I now seek to continue to serve the profession as a member of the AVMA Board of Directors representing Region 6.

During my veterinary school class orientation of 1975, Dr. Erwin Small, the longtime advisor to the Student Chapter of the AVMA at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine told our class three things which I still remember. First, we were now attending a world class college at in the University of Illinois. Second, we forever and always would be ILLINI. And third, we had to get involved.

Dr. Small challenged our class to get involved in the fabric of both organized veterinary medicine and the communities in which we would someday be living. He encouraged us to seek opportunities and to fulfill the responsibilities of leadership by being members of local civic groups, serving on local school boards and becoming active members at all levels of organized veterinary medicine. I have endeavored to follow Dr. Small’s advice throughout my years as a veterinarian.

Veterinary medicine faces a number of opportunities and challenges in the coming years. The increasing level of student debt and its current ratio to expected earning potential casts a ripple effect throughout the entire profession. It is my desire to help find a solution to this problem which affects new graduates trying to pay off loans, those ready to buy a practice and seasoned veterinarians wishing to sell their business.

I strongly believe broader support for the AVMA PAC and the AVMA Foundation could meet many of the challenges facing our profession. Therefore, I will seek ways to try to encourage increased involvement from all veterinarians in supporting the AVMA PAC and the AVMA Foundation.

For these reasons and more, it is my desire to serve as a member of the AVMA Board of Directors, representing Region 6.

Your support is appreciated.

Statement of reason for seeking office provided by the candidate.