AVMA members power the work of the association. Electing Board of Directors members is one of the most direct ways in which every member exercises a voice. The Board's district directors are elected by members from each of the AVMA's 11 geographic districts. The Board, in turn, elects AVMA's officers.

Call for nominations

Nominations are open for candidates to represent Districts 8 and 10 on the Board of Directors. District 8 includes the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. District 10 includes California, Hawaii, and Nevada.

The new directors will take office in August 2021, when the current members' terms expire. They will serve six-year terms, ending in 2027. Nominations are due Feb. 1, 2021, and voting will be conducted March 1-31, 2021.


How do members vote in elections?

The AVMA uses electronic voting for contested elections. This simplifies and speeds up voting, making it more efficient and easy for members to participate. When members vote electronically:

  • An email message is sent to all eligible voters, providing instructions and a link to a secure voting website. The email is sent from the address AVMAelectionatavma [dot] org.
  • Members click on the link to vote and are directed to a secure website. There, the member's identity and eligibility for voting are authenticated before they are allowed to vote.
  • The website includes links to information about the candidates running for election, as well as voting instructions.
  • Once members cast ballots electronically, no additional steps are required.
  • Safeguards are in place to prohibit multiple voting.
  • Eligible members who don't have a valid email address on file receive paper ballots that must be filled out and returned manually.

Update your email

Election notices for electronic voting go to the email address in your AVMA member profile. Check your contact information now to make sure we can reach you when you’re eligible to vote in AVMA elections.

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