Food Safety Advisory Committee

The Food Safety Advisory Committee advises the Board of Directors on food protection (food safety, food defense, and food security) issues.

  1. To serve as the lead AVMA body on food safety issues, programs, and proposed priorities.
  2. To serve as the lead AVMA body regarding the safety of animal feed and pet food products.
  3. To assemble information, confer with experts and prepare policy recommendations for the Board of Directors on the subject of food safety.
  4. To study management and practitioner measures to enhance food safety at all production levels, including microbiological, chemical, and physical hazard reduction, for the purpose of:
    1. Advising on the role of food animal practitioners in quality assurance programs, in verifying compliance with quality assurance programs, and in certification of good production practices;
    2. Advising on approaches to continuing education and implementation of food safety measures in all production environments;
    3. Advising on priorities of research needed to enhance food safety.
  5. To facilitate a One Health approach integrating all sectors of the veterinary profession to ensure a safe and secure global food supply.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation

The two members of the Council on Public Health are selected by the COPH.

Each of the other organizations represented will nominate a primary and alternate representative to serve a three-year term. The alternate representative will serve when the primary representative is unable to attend a meeting. The AVMA Board of Directors will consider and confirm the nominees, but it may reject a nominee for cause and request the nominating organization to nominate another member. Representatives must be AVMA members and may serve a maximum of two three-year terms.

Council on Public Health – two members
American Association of Avian Pathologists
American Association of Bovine Practitioners
American Association of Extension Veterinarians
American Association of Food Safety and Public Health Veterinarians
American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners
American Association of Swine Veterinarians
Aquatic Food Animal Veterinarian

One at-large member shall be an AVMA member veterinarian with expertise in pet food manufacturing. This member will be appointed by the Board of Directors and may serve a maximum of two three-year terms.


The Food Safety Advisory Committee elects its chair and vice-chair from among its membership.


The Food Safety Advisory Committee is authorized to meet up to two times per year in Schaumburg.


Travel expenses are authorized in accordance with the AVMA Travel Policy.


The Committee advises and submits reports to the Council on Public Health and the Board of Directors.

Life Expectancy

The Committee will be reviewed in compliance with AVMA governance policies.