Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee


The AqVMC is charged with advocating and promoting the role of the veterinarian in aquatic animal health on local, national, and international issues. The AqVMC shall:

  • Advance and support the role of the veterinarian in aquatic veterinary medicine at the production, practice, educational, research, natural resource management and regulatory levels for the benefit of aquatic animals and public health.
  • Develop strategies to promote, enhance and integrate the use of veterinarians' expertise to benefit the aquaculture, aquarium, ornamental fish and seafood industries, and the commercial and recreational fishing and natural resource management, and the seafood consuming, and pet owning public.
  • Review current and proposed legislation and regulatory actions and make recommendations for actions to best protect aquatic animals and public health.
  • Identify current programs to educate and train veterinarians in aquatic veterinary medicine and make recommendations to meet future needs and goals.
  • Promote education and training of paraprofessionals in aquatic animal health and care.
  • Promote the availability and appropriate use of diagnostic assays, medications and biologics in the prevention and treatment of aquatic animal disease.
  • Identify areas in need of veterinary expertise in seafood safety and quality assurance, biosecurity, public health, and environmental health.
  • Identify and recommend actions to address emerging aquatic veterinary issues.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation

Membership is made up of veterinarians, and one non-veterinarian with interests in aquatic animal medicine from the following categories: academia (veterinary school teaching, clinical or extension faculty); diagnostic services (academic, private or government diagnostic laboratory); corporate or laboratory aquatic veterinary medicine; public health/epidemiology; aquaculture food animal production (private or public practice); companion (ornamental) aquatic animals (private clinical practice); state or federal regulatory veterinary medicine; aquatic invertebrate health (mollusk, crustacean, corals, etc.); aquatic animal conservation medicine (wildlife, zoo, aquarium, marine mammals); a representative from the American Association of Fish Veterinarians; research in aquatic animal health; and a non-veterinarian with expertise to enhance aquatic veterinary medicine and support the objectives of the AqVMC. Appointments are made for a term of three years and appointees may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Invited representatives include American Fisheries Society Fish Health Section Medicine, FDA / Center for Veterinary Medicine, World Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Association, NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Aquaculture Association, United States Fish and Wildlife Services, United States Geological Survey, USDA / APHIS Veterinary Services, Center for Food Safety and Nutrition, USDA / APHIS / Center for Veterinary Biologics, Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) Veterinary Committee.


The committee members annually appoint the Chair.

AqVMC Issue Management Subcommittee

A three-member subcommittee, comprising the AqVMC Chair and two Committee members who are veterinarians selected by the Committee as a whole, is charged to act on behalf of the full AqVMC on time-sensitive issues between meetings.


The Committee reports to the Board of Directors.


Meetings are held twice a year in Schaumburg.


The AVMA will reimburse Committee members for authorized expenses.

Life Expectancy

The Committee will be reviewed in compliance with AVMA governance policies.