Early Career Development Committee


The committee is charged with these responsibilities:

  • Work with AVMA staff to develop resources that will impact AVMA members early in their careers.
  • Create networking opportunities for individuals early in their veterinary careers.
  • Actively engage recent graduates to elicit discussions and gather feedback for the AVMA on a real-time basis.

Membership, method of appointment, and representation

The committee shall consist of 10 voting members who will represent the following:

  • Five recent graduates (less than 5 years post-graduation at time of nomination)
  • Two emerging leaders (5-15 years post-graduation at time of nomination)
  • One faculty member at a college/school of veterinary medicine
    • Preference given to SAVMA faculty advisors, but all faculty welcome to apply
  • One representative from the Veterinary Medical Association Executives
  • One student member—Currently enrolled in veterinary school; SAVMA membership required; nomination to be made by SAVMA

All committee members, excluding the student member, are appointed by the Board of Directors. Nominations, including self-nominations, will be accepted for these positions, with preference given to those who have just graduated or are nominated by a principal or constituent allied veterinary medical organization of the AVMA. The committee will best be able to fulfill its charge/objective if at least one member of the committee is from an underrepresented community (as defined by the AVMA’s guiding documents and policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion). All AVMA members who meet any of the above criteria are strongly encouraged to apply for any open position.

The student member will serve a one-year term beginning with the first meeting held after AVMA Convention in the election year. The student must be enrolled in veterinary school and a member of SAVMA at the time of their appointment and will remain eligible after graduation.

Consistent with AVMA policy, all committee members, excluding the student member, are eligible for two, three-year terms.


The chair of the committee will be elected annually from among the committee’s membership.

Vice chair

The vice chair of the committee will be elected annually from among the committee’s membership.


Committee meetings will be held up to twice a year.

Conference calls

Conference calls will occur throughout the year as needed to conduct committee business.


Travel expenses will be authorized in accordance with AVMA travel policy.


The committee will advise and report to the Board of Directors.

Life expectancy

Committee performance will be reviewed in compliance with AVMA governance policies.