Council on Education Selection Committee

The Council on Education Selection Committee develops and maintains the qualification review process for candidates for positions on the AVMA Council on Education® (COE). 


  • Develop and maintain a qualification review process for candidates for positions on the Council on Education (COE). This includes establishing and updating (as necessary) required qualifications for COE candidates.
  • Determine the qualifications of COE candidates.
  • Appoint eight COE members, including those representing:
    • Private clinical practice:
      • Small animal clinical practice (one member)
      • Food animal clinical practice (one member)
      • Equine clinical practice (one member)
      • Mixed animal clinical practice (one member)
      • Clinical practice (two members)
    • At-large (one member)
    • Non-private, non-academic veterinary medicine (one member)


The committee will be comprised of five members who will be appointed by the Board of Directors to staggered, three-year, once-renewable terms.

Committee members will consist of the following:

  • Two former COE members
  • Three At-large members

None of the members of the committee can simultaneously serve on the committee and either in the House of Delegates (HOD) or on the Board of Directors (BOD).

Committee members must have:

  • A willingness to select candidates with objectivity
  • A demonstrated interest in the scope and future of veterinary medicine
  • A demonstrated interest in veterinary education
  • An appreciation for and openness to the need for change in the future of veterinary education
  • A basic understanding of the role of accreditation in education

At its first meeting, the committee will, through the use of a random selection process, establish terms for all initial members of the committee such that term lengths are staggered appropriately, with initial terms ending at the close of the HOD Annual Sessions in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Committee members who are members of the HOD or Board of Directors may complete their full three-year term even if their term on the HOD or Board expires during that period.


The chair of the Committee is elected annually from and by the committee membership.


The committee will hold an initial meeting to discuss its operational process and then meet annually to discuss and update its operational process and to select members to the COE. Conference calls may be conducted as required.


The committee will report to the AVMA Board of Directors.


AVMA will pay travel expenses of committee members in accordance with the AVMA travel policy.

Life expectancy

The committee will be reviewed in compliance with AVMA governance policies.