Task Force on Veterinary Compounding Legislation


To develop a legislative proposal pursuant to AVMA policies on compounding.


The membership will consist of 8 individuals.
Members will be AVMA subject matter experts (appointed by the Appointing Body as described below) and knowledgeable in the compounding needs of veterinary practitioners. The assembled team should reflect general practitioner experience, and comprise practice experience in one or more of the areas: small animal, equine, exotics, food animal and/or pharmacology; each with active AVMA membership; familiarity with practical aspects of using compounded medications; good interpersonal communication skills; knowledge of existing compounding policies and regulations; and balanced perspective and views on the need for compounded medications. The assembled team will be progressive thinkers, able to participate in critical strategic discussions, ask thought provoking questions, and challenge existing assumptions in order to identify and create a future vision for the framework of compounding legislation.
As a topic of extreme importance to practitioners, animal health and animal welfare, which crosses multiple agencies and organizations, in addition to the 8 subject matter experts selected from the AVMA membership, other organizations will be invited to select and send a participant at the organizations’ expense and the task force’s invitation. 

Appointing Body

Will be composed of the following individuals (see below), who will appoint the Task Force:
  • Board of Directors Chair – Chair of the Appointing Body
  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Executive Vice President
  • Task Force Chair* (see Task Force Chair section)
Nominations, including self-nominations, will be solicited from the general membership and reviewed by the Appointing Body. Current AVMA entity members are eligible for nomination or self-nomination. The Appointing Body itself is not expected to recruit for the nominations, with the exception of the Task Force Chair. The Board of Directors and the House of Delegates may assist in encouraging nominations. The Appointing Body will be authorized to hold conference calls as needed. 

*Task Force Chair

The Appointing Body will consider nominations and appoint one individual to be the Task Force Chair. The Task Force Chair would immediately join the Appointing Body to participate in the evaluation, interviews, and appointments of remaining members of the Task Force. 


The Task Force is authorized to hold up to six two-day, two-night meetings at the AVMA office in Washington, DC, and conference calls as needed. 


Travel expenses are authorized in accordance with the AVMA Travel Policy. Further expenses for completing its charge must be requested in advance and approved by the Board of Directors. [If organizations are invited to send a participant, the organization will be responsible for their funding.] 


The Task Force will submit regular reports and updates to the relevant AVMA entities and the AVMA Board of Directors. Recommendations from the Task Force will be submitted to the Board of Directors, following receipt, consideration, and detailed analysis of feedback from the relevant entities. The Task Force may submit a recommendation for additional operational expenses needed to accomplish its charge. The Task Force will submit a final summary report and recommendations, no later than 20 months following the date of its first meeting, to theBoard of Directors. 

Life Expectancy

The Task Force will sunset following receipt of its summary report and recommendations by the Board of Directors, unless extended beyond that point by the Board of Directors.