Task Force on Foreign Veterinary School Accreditation


The Foreign Veterinary School Accreditation Task Force is charged to evaluate the following issues given the current environment projected over 10 years, and prepare a written informational report, without prejudice, to the Executive Board:

  • The impact of foreign veterinary school accreditation on the US veterinary profession, and the quality of standards for the US veterinary profession;
  • The impact of not requiring certification by the Educational Commission on Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) or the Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Medical Education (PAVE) for graduates of AVMA-COE-accredited foreign schools;
  • How foreign veterinary school accreditation serves the needs and interests of the public;
  • How foreign veterinary school accreditation serves the needs and interests of AVMA members;
  • The existence of any international pressure on the AVMA-COE to accredit foreign veterinary schools;
  • The logistical resources required to accredit foreign veterinary schools.


  • Approximately 11 individuals who are forward-thinking, able to participate in critical thought and discussions, ask elucidating questions and challenge assumptions, and engage positively and proactively as a team member to accomplish the charge of the task force.
  • Collectively, members will have an understanding of veterinary medical education, educational accreditation processes, educational equivalency certification, and public and private practice needs.
  • Members will represent diverse experiences, disciplines, and employment both in and outside the veterinary profession, and will include diversity among the appointees by gender, generation, ethnicity, and geographic region.

Appointing Body

Will be composed of the following individuals (see below), who will appoint the Task Force:

  • Executive Board Chair — Chair of the Appointing Body
  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Executive Vice President
  • HAC Chair
  • SAVMA President (or designee)
  • Task Force Chair* (see Task Force Chair section)

Nominations will be solicited from the general membership and other stakeholders and reviewed by the Appointing Body. The Appointing Body itself is not expected to recruit for the nominations, with the exception of the Task Force Chair. The Executive Board and the House of Delegates may help to encourage nominations for the Task Force. The Appointing Body will be authorized to hold one 1-day meeting at AVMA headquarters and conference calls as needed.

*Task Force Chair

The Board of Governors and the Executive Vice President will consider nominations and appoint one individual to be the Task Force Chair. The Task Force Chair would immediately join the Appointing Body to participate in the evaluation, interviews and appointments of remaining members of the Task Force.


The AVMA Board of Governors and the Executive Vice President will appoint the chair of the Task Force.


The Task Force shall report to the AVMA Executive Board.


The Task Force is authorized to hold up to two 2-day/2-night meetings at AVMA Headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois; conference calls may be conducted as required.


Task Force members will be reimbursed for travel, lodging, and meal expenses associated with attendance at authorized meetings in accordance with established AVMA Travel Policy.

Life Expectancy

The Task Force will sunset following submission of its summary report to the Executive Board.

Nomination Form