AVMA Governance Engagement Team

The Governance Engagement Team (GET) has received an array of comments and suggestions after soliciting comments on the Final Report of the AVMA Task Force on Governance and Member Participation. After considering this input, the GET formulated a number of specific recommendations (contained in this brief report) to revise the original governance system proposal.

The GET received additional feedback from members and AVMA leadership about its interim report during a formal comment period between October 15 and November 15, 2013. The GET will consider this input, as well as that received from the January 2014 meeting of the HOD in finalizing its governance recommendations.

See the PowerPoint presentation for the HOD Plenary Session, Governance Change Discussion, January 11, 2014.


The Board of Directors approved the formation of the Governance Engagement Team (GET) at its June 2013 meeting. The charge and objective for this seven-person entity is:

  1. To communicate and explain the AVMA governance transition proposed by the Task Force on Governance and Member Participation to all audiences (leadership and membership).
  2. Solicit feedback, reconcile feedback received, and submit a final governance proposal to the ​Board of Directors.
  3. Develop a plan and timeline for implementation.
  4. After Board of Directors and House of Delegates approval of finalized governance structure, provide draft updated Bylaws, with assistance as needed.

See the members and support staff for the Governance Engagement Team.

See the revised Governance Engagement Team timeline.

The AVMA Task Force on Governance and Member Participation reviewed and evaluated AVMA's governance system over two years, using AVMA's 20/20 Vision Commission report, along with other key management information resources, as guiding documents for the governance qualities and attributes that are needed for an AVMA governance system of the future.

The Board of Directors received the Task Force’s report at its June 2013 meeting, which is available to AVMA membership.


During July-Sept. 2013, the GET received considerable feedback on the original Task Force report from AVMA members and leadership. You can read a summary of this feedback by clicking here.

Other resources made available following the release of the Task Force's report include:

The Task Force on Governance and Member Participation has posted additional background resources and materials.