Michael Q. Bailey, DVM, DACVR

Dr. Michael Bailey

AVMA President-Elect 2024-2025

Biographical sketch

Dr. Michael Q. Bailey, Born in Queens, New York, was raised in Hopewell, New Jersey, where he successfully earned his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University's College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. His educational journey continued as he obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the historic Tuskegee University in Alabama. Following this, he completed a comprehensive internship and radiology residency at Michigan State University.

As a board-certified radiologist, Dr. Bailey has contributed to a range of veterinary and human medical literature and, to this day, shares his expertise with audiences worldwide, allowing him to connect with and learn from thousands of colleagues across the globe. His body of work is a testament to his commitment to advancing knowledge in the medical field.

Dr. Bailey's academic and professional journey includes serving on the faculty at prestigious institutions such as Tuskegee University and Michigan State University. He achieved tenure at The Ohio State University, reflecting his dedication to education and research.

Fortunate to have had the opportunity to partake in an AAAS/AVMA Congressional fellowship, Dr. Bailey was a full-time scientific legislative advisor in a congressional office while learning how Capitol Hill works. He applies his scientific veterinary medical expertise to topics of interest to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, shaping and influencing legislation. Dr. Bailey valued the collaboration with both members of Congress, their dedicated staffers, and participating in constituents' services, appreciating the privileges and benefits of such an experience.

Dr. Bailey pioneered Ohio's inaugural private practice advanced veterinary CT imaging services and launched referral and emergency imaging facilities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As the lead radiologist for a nationwide veterinary practice with over 1,000 facilities, he was pivotal in nationwide distributed veterinary imaging services and telemedicine. Dr. Bailey currently serves as the director of medical innovations in telemedicine for a global telemedicine consultant business, where he brings his extensive telemedicine expertise to the forefront.

Dr. Bailey has enjoyed actively contributing to organized veterinary volunteer leadership at the state and national levels. His leadership journey includes serving on the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) board and as PVMA president. Furthermore, he recently completed a six-year term on the AVMA Board of Directors, representing District 2, which encompasses New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

In his leisure time, Dr. Bailey finds joy in traveling with his wife and indulges in hobbies such as the challenge of rebuilding classic cars and motorcycles, along with a passion for photography.