Gary Marshall, DVM

Dr. Gary Marshall

AVMA Vice President 2024-2026

Biographical sketch

Dr. Gary Marshall is a 1989 graduate of the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, has owned two small animal clinics, and is the founder of Island Cats Veterinary Hospital, a feline-exclusive practice on Mercer Island.

Dr. Marshall’s advocacy journey began in veterinary school when he served as SCAVMA President at Washington State CVM. Dr. Marshall is a past president of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association and served on the Board of Directors. He has concluded his regular clinical duties at Island Cats and his service on the WSVMA Board to commit to his role as AVMA vice president.

His service within the AVMA began in 2016 when he was elected to the AVMF Board of Directors. He held the position of vice chair prior to the Board restructuring. Dr. Marshall was selected to serve as Washington State’s alternate delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates beginning in 2020. He also has served on the Board of the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative.

Mentorship has been a key priority for Dr. Marshall in recent years. Besides organic mentorship relationships with dozens of employees that have gone on to pursue their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees, he connects with veterinary students who seek clinical training at Island Cats. He also participates in multiple organized mentorship platforms such as MentorVet and Ready Vet Go. Dr. Marshall has developed extensive connections with students and student groups over the years. These have led to speaking opportunities at several vet schools, SAVMA Symposia, and the delivery of a commencement address. 

As AVMA vice president, Dr. Marshall hopes to grow the networks he has been working diligently to develop and bring encouraging messages to vet students and early career veterinarians, while learning from them how the AVMA could help them achieve rewarding and successful careers. Communicating all of this back to AVMA leadership will also be a top priority.

He has been honored to be selected to receive an American Animal Hospital Association Visionary Award, as well as a Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine Distinguished Alumni Service Award.

Outside of this profession, Dr. Marshall enjoys getting to all the corners of the Pacific Northwest to work on honing his landscape photography skills, and during the winter he participates in a local curling league. Dr. Marshall is married (35th year to his veterinary school classmate) and has two grown children. He and his wife share their home with their senior cat named Millicent Cloudberry (Millie).