Amanda Bisol, VMD

Amanda Bisol

District 1 AVMA Board of Directors representative

Biographical sketch

Dr. Amanda Bisol is a small animal rural general practice veterinarian from Skowhegan, Maine. She graduated in 2011 from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and was blessed to find a great clinic with good mentorship where she has worked since graduation. During six of the 10 years she practiced at the Animal Medical Clinic in Skowhegan, she was part-owner. Three years ago, she decided to pursue a law degree to work toward becoming a stronger advocate for veterinarians and the profession. She continues to practice part-time at the clinic, while continuing her education.

In addition to continuing to practice and attending law school, Dr. Bisol has been very active in organized veterinary medicine and lobbying on behalf of the profession since veterinary school. She was her school’s SCAVMA chapter president, participated in the AVMA Government Relations Division’s externship program in Washington D.C., and has continued to be an active voice for the profession to Congress by participating in AVMA legislative fly-ins and being an AVMA Ambassador.

In her home state, Dr. Bisol has been a director with the Maine Veterinary Medical Association’s Board from 2016 through 2020. She was also the legislative chair during that time. In 2017, she was awarded the MVMA’s Service Award for the many hours spent on lobbying, rulemaking committees, and continuing education regarding veterinarians’ involvement in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in Maine.

Dr. Bisol became Maine’s alternate delegate for the AVMA House of Delegates in the summer of 2017 and transitioned to delegate in 2019. She was elected to the House Advisory Committee in the summer of 2019.

Dr. Bisol’s love of organized veterinary medicine has kept her motivated and energized to support this wonderful profession and all that we do for our patients, our clients, and our communities.

Like many, Dr. Bisol does in fact have a life outside of veterinary medicine. Dr. Bisol believes that family and creating a time for hobbies is vital. She married in veterinary school and was four months pregnant at graduation. She has three children, and like most parents, she enjoys spending quality time with them through family meals, hiking, and crafting.

She also has many hobbies. These include gardening during the few months of Maine summer, hiking, reading, knitting, and sewing. She loves making her children’s clothing along with some of her own. Dr. Bisol loves sharing her hobbies with others and has taught knitting classes at her local yarn store. When able, Dr. Bisol also plays in the community band, usually with the euphonium.