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Claude Bourgelat had just established a veterinary school in Lyon, France, after much persistence.
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Dr. Frederick Douglass Patterson was known for his tireless dedication to ensuring access to higher education for African-Americans.
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In addition to being a household name at Penn Vet, Dr. Deubler, who died in 2009, was a renowned dog breeder and dog show enthusiast.
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Dr. Heinrich J. Detmers, 1833-1906, helped build veterinary education at Midwestern U.S. colleges and researched the causes of diseases
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posted March 18, 2011      Andrew Smith founded country's first veterinary college, educating thousands   Dr. Andrew Smith, founder of Canada's first
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This painting of Dr. William Tyson Kendall hangs in the dean's office at the Werribee campus of the University of Melbourne Faculty
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