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<p>Any leads on good used class IV therapy lasers. Want to start "getting our feet wet" with the modality. I have used a few models on myself and found good success</p> …
Date: 4/29/2016

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AVMA awards Dr. Stuart Nelson Jr., with the 2015 AVMA Meritorious Service Award.
Date: 7/12/2015 Size: 89KB

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AVMA pleased to see USDA propose changes to put an end to the inhumane practice of soring
Date: 8/18/2016 Size: 90KB

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The American Association of Equine Practitioners has released "Clinical Guidelines for Veterinarians Practicing in a Pari-Mutuel
Date: 10/6/2015 Size: 65KB

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posted June 15, 2011      Achievement marks culmination of years-long process   Courtesy of Whitney Rupp   In April, the American College of
Date: 2/17/2016 Size: 76KB

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Bull riding has emerged from the world of rodeo over the past two decades as a multimillion-dollar sport followed by millions of fans.
Date: 3/17/2016 Size: 120KB

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When Dr. Gary D. Warner asked his daughter Kelly why she wanted to be a large animal veterinarian over anything
Date: 3/17/2016 Size: 73KB

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In May, nine candidates were certified as specialists in canine sports medicine and rehabilitation, and 11 candidates were
Date: 3/17/2016 Size: 74KB

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The American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is accepting applications for board certification in
Date: 2/18/2016 Size: 64KB

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Dr. C. Wayne McIlwraith, professor of surgery at the Colorado State University Orthopaedic Research Center, received the Orthopaedic Research Society’s award
Date: 4/30/2014 Size: 66KB