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<td><span class="msgbody">This is something I should have been aware of before but was <br />not. A link to the last issue of CDC's Morbidity Mortality Weekly <br …
Date: 7/24/2012

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Guidlines for the disposal of general cleaning chemicals used in veterinary practices
Date: 12/12/2013 Size: 87KB duplicates

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Guidelines and resources for the disposal of laboratory reagents in veterinary practices.
Date: 12/12/2013 Size: 86KB duplicates

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Pharmaceutical Disposal has come under increased scrutiny due to detection of human pharmaceuticals in U.S. Waterways.
Date: 7/5/2017 Size: 147KB

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From blood and other bodily fluids to liquid and aerosol chemicals to infectious disease agents—not to mention unpredictable
Date: 6/18/2015 Size: 68KB

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Cyberbullying, also known as cyberharassment, is the use of online resources to harass through personal attacks.
Date: 5/13/2016 Size: 97KB

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Dr. Richard J. Meinert, a well-liked mixed animal practitioner from California was killed during a break-in
Date: 10/29/2014 Size: 67KB

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Veterinary colleges say that while their current health and wellness programs are doing some good, they have substantial room for improvement
Date: 12/3/2014 Size: 96KB

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The NASPHV, Auburn, and CDC are partnering together to assess how many U.S. veterinarians experience serious mental illness or contemplated suicide
Date: 9/19/2014 Size: 70KB

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Drug abuse is a potential contributing factor to depression and suicide in the profession
Date: 9/2/2015 Size: 80KB