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What impression does your veterinary clinic create? AVMA has tools to help you manage your facility and improve how clients perceive you.
Date: 2/18/2018 Size: 83KB

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The secretaries of Health and Human Services, and Agriculture, have developed a list of select agents and livestock pathogens
Date: 6/2/2014 Size: 63KB

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The Department of Homeland Security announced in late August that it would replace the aging Plum Island Animal Disease Center
Date: 9/3/2014 Size: 71KB

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The AVMA State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Department has compiled information on states' regulations regarding breeding
Date: 12/17/2015 Size: 63KB

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Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine will purchase a 24-hour Des Moines veterinary hospital this year.
Date: 12/17/2015 Size: 68KB

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The AVMA has produced a flowchart to help veterinary practices manage their library of material safety data sheets for
Date: 3/15/2016 Size: 64KB

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Several practices in New York and New Jersey suffered terrible damage when Hurricane Sandy passed through the region late last October.
Date: 4/4/2016 Size: 87KB

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The American Association of Feline Practitioners has launched the Cat Friendly Practice Program to help veterinary practices
Date: 3/15/2016 Size: 79KB

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The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled in January that the state of California cannot prohibit the slaughter of pigs that become
Date: 3/15/2016 Size: 71KB

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Veterinary business advisers say the market for veterinary practices has undergone some profound changes in the past few decades.
Date: 10/1/2014 Size: 93KB