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Pet jerky treat death toll: 360 dogs, 1 cat, FDA says … <p>Page One MSNBC or whatever they call it now.</p>
 … <p>Comments?  Very interesting with several …
Date: 10/8/2012

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When people think of veterinarians, they usually think of doctors for animals. But veterinary medicine also crosses over into public health...
Date: 11/19/2017 Size: 89KB

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AVMA advocates for funding for programs that help ensure animal health and welfare, protect food safety and promote public health and research.
Date: 1/6/2016 Size: 86KB

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The AVMA Board of Directors, while meeting June 20-21 in Washington, D.C., took on topics across the breadth of the profession, including
Date: 7/26/2017 Size: 74KB

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The perspective of many zoo veterinarians is that zoos are still relevant within society today, with a role that has pivoted from entertainment to conservation.
Date: 6/28/2017 Size: 75KB

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Obviously, disinfectants and sterilants are necessities for veterinary practices. The inherent properties that
Date: 12/18/2013 Size: 90KB

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Guidlines for the disposal of general cleaning chemicals used in veterinary practices
Date: 12/12/2013 Size: 87KB duplicates

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Guidelines and resources for the disposal of laboratory reagents in veterinary practices.
Date: 12/12/2013 Size: 86KB duplicates

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Pharmaceutical Disposal has come under increased scrutiny due to detection of human pharmaceuticals in U.S. Waterways.
Date: 7/5/2017 Size: 147KB

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AVMA CEO Dr. Ron DeHaven will participate in the White House’s One Health Antimicrobial Stewardship Summit
Date: 6/1/2015 Size: 85KB