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This is the library for topics from the dentistry group discussion board.<br />
 … -Identifying teeth with numbers (The modified Triadan tooth numbering system taken from the …
Date: 7/24/2012

                  Discussion Board Result
<p>I read an article on Peripheral Nerve Block Techniques today:</p>
 … <p>I've read many similar articles in the past and some say they don't do these in cats …
Date: 2/8/2013

                  Discussion Board Result
<p>I was discussing feline tooth resorption with a client today (demonstrated radiographs depicting teeth with an obvious periodontal ligament space and endodontic structures, a …
Date: 10/30/2013

                  Discussion Board Result
America's Beloved Financial Advisor Endorses Veterinary Dental Care … <div>Nationally beloved financial guru Suze Orman included a dog owner in her "Can I Afford It?" segment, shown …
Date: 6/5/2013

                  Discussion Board Result
<p>Im looking for input on how my collegues are charging for dental x-rays,  and protocols for when/how many views to take during dental procedures.  Full mouth …
Date: 12/12/2017

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The World Small Animal Veterinary Association has focused attention on the issues facing brachycephalic dogs, released global guidelines
Date: 11/15/2017 Size: 71KB

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Good dental care is critical to pet health. Get resources veterinarians can use in the clinic to educate clients about dental care and veterinary dentistry.
Date: 1/27/2017 Size: 96KB

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Download and use these images and copy-paste social media posts to use in your social media campaigns for National Pet Dental Health Month in February.
Date: 1/6/2017 Size: 64KB

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Pet Dental Health Month creates opportunities to educate pet owners about the importance of dental care and oral health.
Date: 1/6/2017 Size: 108KB

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Even with limited marketing resources, there are simple steps you can take to generate publicity and excitement for National Pet Dental Health Month events.
Date: 12/21/2015 Size: 97KB