Why do I have to opt in to receive AVMA newsletters, notices and alerts?

You’re probably getting the same stuff we get everyday in our email inboxes – spam. Those spam messages are considered "opt out" messages – unless you click the "unsubscribe" button buried at the bottom of the message, you’ll keep getting them…or you just ignore them and delete them. Our opt-in policy is intended to prevent this from happening with messages from the AVMA.

When you provide us with your email address, we view it as one of your personal assets and we have a responsibility to safeguard that asset and treat it with respect. That’s why we don’t automatically send you everything. We only want to send you information you want to receive, and we want you to find that information valuable enough that you’ll open the message and read it. We’re not naïve enough to think that every member wants to know about every one of the topics offered in alerts, notices and emails. We let you choose the subjects that interest you -- from as few as one to as many as all of them. By opting in to receive these messages, you can help determine how much (or how little) we communicate with you.

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