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American Bald Eagle Foundation Veterinary Student Externship in Avian MedicineView
Animal Management Internship with The Wilds in OhioView
AquaVet I: Introduction to Aquatic Veterinary MedicineView
AquaVet II: Comparative Pathology of Aquatic AnimalsView
AquaVet Summer ResearchView
ARCAS Wildlife Rescue Center, GuatemalaView
Avian Specialty Residency Program at The University of TennesseeView
AVMA Externship OpportunitiesView
California Wildlife Center Wildlife Medicine ExternshipView
Chicago Zoological and Aquatic Animal ResidencyView
CIIT Centers for Health Research Summer Internship ProgramView
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo ExternshipView
Columbus Zoo ExternshipView
Conservation Medicine Senior Veterinary Preceptorship at The Wilds in OhioView
Cornell University Residency in Zoological MedicineView
Cornell University Residency in Zoological MedicineView
Crow Clinic Externship ProgramsView
CROW Clinic for the Rehabilitation of WildlifeView
Dallas Zoo College Internship ProgramView
Denver Zoo ExternshipView
Disney`s Animal Kingdom Preceptor ProgramView
Eko Tracks African Wildlife RehabilitationView
Eko Tracks Conservation & Big Cat RehabilitationView
Eko Tracks Veterinary Field StudyView
Eko Tracks Waterberg Biosphere ReserveView
Eko Tracks Wildlife ConservationView
Envirovet Summer InstituteView
EPA Environmental InternshipView
Exotic, Wildlife, & Zoo Animal Medicine Internship at Kansas StateView
Exotic, Wildlife, and Zoo Internship, University of SaskatchewanView
Externship - Raptor and Avian Medicine at The Raptor CenterView
FDA Veterinary Clerkship ProgramView
Georgia Aquarium Veterinary Internship ProgramView
Harbor Branch Summer InternshipView
Houston Zoo ExternshipView
Indianapolis Zoo Society / Eli Lilly Veterinary Internship ProgramView
Indianapolis Zoo Veterinary Student ExternshipView
Interdisciplinary Environmental Toxicology ProgramView
Internship - Raptor and Avian Medicine and SurgeryView
Internship in Exotic Animal, Wildlife, and Zoological Medicine at the University of GeorgiaView
Joint Wildlife Health Center/CA Dept of Fish and WildlifeView
Lindsay Wildlife Museum Wildlife Rehabilitation InternshipView
Louisiana State University`s Summer Scholars ProgramView
Louisville Zoo Veterinary Preceptorship / Externship ProgramView
Marine Mammal & Pathology Internship at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CAView
MARVET (Marine Veterinary Medicine) Educational ProgramView
Maryland Zoo in Baltimore ExternshipView
Maryland Zoo in Baltimore InternshipView
Masters in Conservation MedicineView
MS and PhD Programs in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at the University of GeorgiaView
National Aquarium Baltimore Veterinary Student PreceptorshipView
NFWFL Veterinary Forensic Pathology InternshipView
NIEHS Environmental Toxicology Training Program at the U of IView
Nonhuman Primate Medicine Residency Training at Wake ForestView
Personalized Learning Experience in Exotic Animal Medicine at Louisiana State UniversityView
Philadelphia Zoo ExternshipView
Practitioner Sabbatical Program at the University of GeorgiaView
Raptor Medicine and Surgery Residency at the Raptor CenterView
Research Training Opportunity for Veterinarians in Aquatic ModelsView
Residency in Ecosystem Health and Conservation MedicineView
Residency in Zoological Medicine at the University of Georgia (ACZM approved)View
Residency in Zoological Medicine, UC DavisView
Residency Program in Laboratory Animal/Primate Medicine at UC DavisView
Resident Training in Zoo and Wildlife Pathology at UC Davis and San Diego ZooView
Sea World ExternshipView
SeaVet Clinical Training Course, University of FloridaView
Shedd Aquarium Veterinary Preceptorship ProgramView
Silent Heroes Foundation Veterinary Externships and Volunteer OpportunitiesView
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Primate Enrichment InternshipView
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Veterinary PreceptorshipView
Special Species Medicine and Surgery Residency, University of PennsylvaniaView
St. Louis Zoo ExternshipsView
St. Louis Zoo InternshipsView
The Marine Mammal Center Veterinary Externship ProgramView
The Marine Mammal Center: VolunteerView
The Marine Mammal Stranding Center InternshipView
The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota Veterinary ExternshipsView
Toledo Zoo ExternshipView
Toxicologic Pathology (Special Multidisciplinary Program) Residency at the U of IView
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research ExternshipView
Tufts Veterinary Externship in Wildlife and Conservation MedicineView
U. S. Navy Marine Mammal Program Veterinary Medical ExternshipView
UC Davis Wildlife Health Center/CA Dept Fish & Game ExternshipView
UICVM Residency/Graduate Study in Anatomic Veterinary PathologyView
UICVM Residency/Graduate Study in Veterinary Clinical PathologyView
UICVM Summer Research Training Program for Veterinary StudentsView
UICVM Veterinary Toxicology Residency ProgramView
UICVM Zoological Pathology Externship in Chicago, ILView
UICVM Zoological Pathology Residency in Chicago, ILView
USGS National Wildlife Health CenterView
Veterinary Externships in Aquatic Animal Medicine at Mystic AquariumView
Veterinary Internship in Aquatic Animal Medicine & Research at Mystic AquariumView
Veterinary Internship in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine at CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife)View
Veterinary Internship in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine at Tufts Wildlife ClinicView
Veterinary Residency Program in Zoological Medicine, Saint Louis Zoological Park / UMCVMView
Veterinary Student Externships in Zoological Medicine at the University of GeorgiaView
Veterinary Student Preceptorship at the St. Louis ZooView
Veterinary Student Preceptorship in Avian and Conservation Medicine, International Crane FoundationView
Veterinary Wildlife Program, United Republic Of TanzaniaView
Visiting Scholars Program at the University of GeorgiaView
Washington Center Postgraduate Professional Development ProgramView
Wild Spirit South Africa Course 2014View
Wildlife Center of Virginia Veterinary Externship in Wildlife and Conservation MedicineView
Wildlife Center of Virginia Veterinary Internship in Wildlife and Conservation MedicineView
Wildlife Disease Laboratories at the Zoological Society of San Diego ExternshipView
Wildlife Pathology Short CourseView
Willowbrook Wildlife Haven Externship in Glen Ellyn, ILView
Zoo Medicine Residency Program, University of FloridaView
Zoological Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery ACZM Residency; UC DavisView
Zoological Medicine and Surgery Internship Program, Texas A&M UniversityView
Zoological Medicine and Surgery Residency Training Program at UW-MadisonView
Zoological Medicine Internship at Louisiana State UniversityView
Zoological Medicine Residency at Louisiana State UniversityView
Zoological Medicine Residency Program at Knoxville Zoological GardenView
Zoological Medicine Residency- Wildlife Conservation SocietyView
Zoological Medicine Residency, NC StateView

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