Reading List: Work-Life Balance

Concerned about your work-life balance as a veterinarian? The following reading list was compiled by the 2011 Class of AVMA Future Leaders to direct you to resources that can help you establish and maintain a good work-life balance.

Burnout causes and solutions - The first of four articles detailing common causes of burnout and solutions.  Written by Katherine Dobbs, CVT, CVPM, PHR,  contributor to Exceptional Veterinary Team magazine.
Tips for women on work/life balance - Author Marnette Denell Falley shares seven steps to help you do what’s most important. 

Finding balance in a busy life - Advice, videos, and resources that any veterinary student or practicing veterinarian can use to help find balance in a busy life.

Balancing motherhood and veterinary practice - From Veterinary Practice News, advice for balancing motherhood and veterinary practice.
Give your working moms control over their schedules - From, a discussion for working mothers and the desire for flexible schedules.  
Stress: what it is and how to manage it - An in-depth look at stress, and how to manage it provided by NC State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.  
Why so stressed? Triggers and treatments for veterinary workplace stress - Originally published in Veterinary Economics, a discussion of “Triggers and treatments for veterinary workplace stress.” 
Guiding Principles for State Veterinary Wellness Programs
Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project - This is an entire website devoted to promoting awareness and understanding of compassion fatigue and its effects on caregivers.