Wellness Champions in Practice

A wellness champion serves as an ambassador and a resource to support a culture of wellness within your veterinary clinic or any other organization. As your team starts its journey toward building a wellness-focused workplace, the wellness champion will play a vital role in your program's success. 

Key attributes of successful wellness champions

Your practice’s wellness champion should be a respected member of the team and must demonstrate a desire to help others. They must also be willing and able to dedicate the time and effort to motivate and energize your team. Because they are expected to serve as a role model for your team, the wellness champion should be committed to health and wellness​. However, their personal health status is not important; what matters is their motivation and commitment. 


  • Desire to help others
  • Respected within the workplace


  • Able and willing to dedicate the time
  • Energetic


  • Personal interest in health and wellness
  • Personal health status not important 

Wellness champion's roles and responsibilities

Wellness champions build a culture of wellness among your team members, based on your clinic’s wellness program goals and objectives. They shedule and lead regular wellness check-ins for the practice, and lead by example through practicing healthy behaviors. They communicate wellness initiatives verbally, through word-of-moth and written communications (posters, flyers, etc.), at staff meetings and trainings, and via email. They support and encourage the team through their own efforts as well as by identifying and sharing success stories from team members. 
The wellness champion also serves as a trusted source for collecting feedback from your team, and assures confidentiality when appropriate. In addition to leading your clinic’s wellness check-ins​, they help develop, implement, measure, assess and improve your practice’s wellness program. 

Management's responsibilities

The practice owner and manager also play an integral role in creating a wellness-focused workplace. You must demonstrate your commitment to wellness in order for the program to succeed.

Like the wellness champion, the owner and manager should lead by example, signing a Wellness Pledge​ and participating fully in the wellness program. You also should accept responsibility for helping to define expectations, including time commitments; participate in developing and implementing the wellness program; provide support and resources; and regularly recognize and acknowledge the contributions of your wellness champion, the team, and individuals on your team. 


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