ABVS - Descriptions of Specialty Colleges/Boards in the AVMA Membership Directory and Resource Manual

June 2013

  1. In July of each year, the secretaries of AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty organizations will receive a request from the AVMA to update information provided in the AVMA Membership Directory and Resource Manual.
  2.  Information for the directory listing must be returned by the specified deadline to ensure that current and accurate information is provided.
  3. Directory listings include:

    1. Name of college/board.
    2. Name and address of secretary.
    3. Objectives of the college/board.
    4. Prerequisites for certification.
    5. Examination procedure.
    6. A listing of diplomates.
  4. The ABVS representative from each recognized veterinary specialty organization (RVSO) shall assist the RVSO’s secretary in ensuring that accurate information is conveyed in a timely fashion.