ABVS - Procedure for Review of Adverse Decisions

July 2015


If a dispute between a candidate/applicant for specialty certification and an RVSO remains unresolved after full use of the appeal procedure established by the RVSO, either party may request a review process by contacting the AVMA ABVS staff consultant.

A. The ABVS Executive Committee (EC) will review the request for facilitation, adhering to the principle that relationships between candidates/applicants and RVSOs must be fair and reasonable. The EC will determine whether, in the EC’s judgment, the dispute is worthy of further discussion in mediation, according to the following guidelines:

1. The complaint is germane to established criteria in the policies of the ABVS, and

2. Either party disregarded established criteria for certification or approval, or

3. Either party failed to follow stated procedures, or

4. Either party failed to consider relevant evidence and documentation presented in the initial appeal of the adverse decision or the response to that appeal.

The members of the EC will, after review of pertinent information, determine whether the facilitation request meets the above criteria.

B. Mediation is defined as "friendly intervention, usually by consent or invitation, between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or compromise." The mediation shall be conducted by a professional mediator, selected by mutual agreement between the parties at their expense.