ABVS - Residency Programs

July 2015

  1. RVSOs requiring residency training for certification eligibility must develop training program criteria in sufficient detail to enable an individual, with the assistance of the training institution, to meet the requirements for certification in that specialty. ABVS does not mandate the approval of veterinary residency programs and alternative qualifying routes by RVSOs and RVSs.

  2.  Individuals seeking to enter a training program must follow the guidelines of the particular RVSO with which he or she is concerned to develop a program that will fulfill the requirements for certification whether in a traditional residency or training program or an alternative qualifying route. The training program shall identify whether it is in compliance with the training requirements established by the RVSO before the individual embarks on it.
  3.  Criteria for internship and residency programs should be formatted as follows:

    1. Brief description of the program.

    2. Detailed educational objectives of the program.

    3. Anticipated total time requirements.

    4. Minimum requirements for facilities, equipment, and diagnostic laboratory capabilities.

    5. A synopsis of the number and type of patients or cases that will be required and the emphasis and anticipated (or required) depth of study for each patient.

    6. A synopsis of the level and frequency of interactions between the candidate, board-certified member(s), and others deemed necessary for the program.

    7. Description of assessment methods.