ABVS - Meetings

July 2017

  1. Annual Meeting

    1. The ABVS holds one meeting per year in late winter or spring at which the representative or designated alternate from each AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty organization is in attendance.

    2. An alternate or an officer of a recognized veterinary specialty organization (RVSO) may also attend the annual meeting as a guest, but not at the expense of the AVMA (i.e., the AVMA pays a portion of the expenses for only one representative from each RVSO). As per AVMA policy, attendance of guests (including RVSO alternates and RVSO officers) is subject to the approval of the ABVS chair.

    3. The ABVS annual meeting is open to any interested AVMA member subject to approval of the ABVS chair.

    4. Executive sessions during the ABVS annual meeting may be called by the chair at his/her discretion. During executive session, all guests will be excused from the meeting.

    5. Unless otherwise approved in advance by the AVMA Executive Board or Board of Governors, the annual meeting will be held at AVMA headquarters.

    6. The agenda for the annual meeting will be developed by the ABVS chair and the ABVS EC in consultation with AVMA staff. Matters pertaining to recognition of veterinary specialty organizations, in-depth reviews, approval of annual reports, and other matters requiring approval of the AVMA EB may only be acted upon at the annual meeting or teleconference/web conference in which a majority of the ABVS members are present.

    B. The ABVS EC may meet at the request of the chair, once per year between annual meetings.

    C. The ABVS Committee on the Development of New Specialties may meet once per year in conjunction with the EC.