ABVS - Appeals Procedures

July 2017

 A. The AVMA House of Delegates has determined that each AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty organization must have a published procedure to ensure due process for appeal of adverse decisions.

B. The specific language of an acceptable appeal procedure is determined by the recognized veterinary specialty organization (RVSO, see Appendix E for suggested language).

C. Changes in appeal procedures must be reported to the AVMA in the RVSO’s annual report.

D. The appeal procedure must be a part of the constitution or bylaws of the RVSO. In addition, it must be included on forms used by candidates who apply for certifying examinations.

E. The body within the RVSO reviewing appeals must be distinct from that RVSO’s current executive committee, board, or examination and credentialing committees.

F. Recognized veterinary specialty organizations are responsible for full implementation of their appeal procedures to ensure due process. The criteria for veterinary specialty organizations recognized by the AVMA should guide procedures and influence decisions in disputes between specialty organizations and dissatisfied candidates. These procedures and decisions must be fair and reasonable for all parties, in keeping with the objectives of RVSOs and the goals of the AVMA.