ABVS - Standards for the Recognition of a Veterinary Subspecialty under an Existing Recognized Veterinary Specialty

July 2015

A. Definition of a recognized veterinary subspecialty (RVSS)

A component of a recognized veterinary specialty (RVS) requiring the exercise of skills and the application of knowledge in a specific field, but performed at a higher standard than that required for a recognized veterinary specialist functioning within a RVS.

B. Procedures for obtaining AVMA recognition of a veterinary subspecialty

1. Diplomates planning to form a RVSS under an existing RVS must submit a letter of intent to the parent recognized veterinary specialty organization (RVSO). The representative of the parent RVSO will liaise with the veterinary subspecialty and submit a written report to the CDNS two weeks prior to the annual meeting of the CDNS to document progress of the veterinary subspecialty petition for recognition.

2. A veterinary subspecialty seeking recognition by the AVMA under the auspices of an existing RVS must:

a. Demonstrate a need for a RVSS by:

i. Having a critical mass of diplomates within a RVS who desire to form a veterinary subspecialty.

ii. Showing that a specific knowledge base or specific practice area exists.

b. Petition the parent RVSO for acceptance. The petition must contain:

i. Procedures for recognition and certification of veterinary subspecialists.

ii. A plan for financial support of activities associated with the veterinary subspecialty.

iii. A mechanism for demonstrating continuing professional development.

c. Be considered for full recognition as a veterinary subspecialty by the parent RVSO after completing three years of provisional recognition by the parent RVSO.

d. Be willing to be eliminated as a RVSS by the parent RVSO if the subspecialty is no longer seen as providing a needed service for the profession or public.

3. A petition for recognition of a veterinary subspecialty must be filed with and approved by the parent RVSO prior to seeking recognition by the AVMA. A petition for recognition of a veterinary subspecialty must be submitted to the ABVS with the annual report of the RVSO.

4. When submitting a petition for recognition of a veterinary subspecialty to the ABVS, a RVSO must include the following information:

a. Items listed in paragraph B2a of this section.

b. The original petition for recognition submitted by the subspecialty to the parent RVSO, which is to include all items listed in paragraph B2b of this section.

c. Documentation of at least three years provisional recognition by the parent RVSO.