ECFVG Policies and Procedures - Release of Information/Change of Contact Information

January 2013

Release of information concerning ECFVG candidates and changes to candidate contact information (eg, postal and E-mail addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers) cannot be implemented without the direct written consent of the candidate. The written consent may take the form of a letter to the ECFVG Coordinator, fax (847-285-5732), or E-mail.

The candidate should indicate in his/her request the exact contact information to be changed or the program status information to be released to a third party (include name and address of whom the release should be sent to).

Requests or consent for release of information (verification) to state boards or other interested parties of ECFVG candidate enrollment, status, or certification must be made in writing 2 weeks prior to any deadline. The ECFVG cannot be held responsible for last minute requests or letters of verification that have been lost in the mail. Verification requests made by telephone will not be honored.

A $100 documentation processing fee per recipient address requested will be charged to those ECFVG candidates or certificate holders who request that the ECFVG office forward copies of certified, notarized, or official documents (veterinary school diploma, transcript) or English language examination score reports. The documentation processing fee cannot be refunded. Thus, the ECFVG urges candidates and certificate holders to obtain assurance directly from any third party to verify that copies from the ECFVG office will be acceptable before making such requests.