Voluntary Program Profile for Purdue University-Campus Program (IN)

2011-2012 Academic Year Information

Institution Type:

Public University

Calendar System:


Type of degree(s) offered:

Associate in/of Science

Bachelor in/of Science

Total credit hours to complete each degree:

Associate: 70

Bachelor: 128

Total externship clock hours to complete each degree:

Associate: 240

Bachelor: 480

Program enrollment for 2011-2012 academic year:

1st Year: 15
2nd Year: 28
3rd Year (if applicable): 26
4th Year (if applicable): 20

Program graduates for 2010-2011 academic year:


Type of enrollment:


Total number of faculty employed in the program:

Full-time veterinarians:1
Part-time veterinarians:1
Adjunct veterinarians:
Full-time veterinary technicians:7
Part-time veterinary technicians:
Adjunct veterinary technicians:

Average tuition cost per credit hour: