Accreditation of Veterinary Technology Programs - Site Visit Agenda

Revised 2016

CVTEA Sample Site Visit Agenda



Notes in italics are for Program personnel. Please fill in as much detail as possible including names of participants and room/building locations. If any changes are required, please call Ms. Julie Horvath for approval
Day 1 The Program Director serves as primary host and is required to attend all sessions, unless otherwise indicated or excused by site team.
11:55 am Program Director to meet site team at hotel lobby or other designated location. (Please fill in meeting location)
Noon Site Team Lunch with Program Director. A box lunch in a quiet room on campus is highly recommended. You may invite whomever you wish to this luncheon. Often, this time is utilized for one-on-one time between the Program Director and the site team.
1:00 pm Site Team Training. As Program Director, you may be invited to sit in on this session; however, the Chair may excuse program personnel.
1:30 pm Meet with students and alumnae. The team likes to see representation from each class year as well as students from alternate (e.g. evening) options. Alums are desired but not required.
2:30 pm Facility inspection (including general/brief library tour if library location is in close proximity to program facilities)
5:00 pm Meet with Program Director
6:00 pm Dinner with Advisory Committee and VT Program Faculty. This dinner is semi-business and a catered in meal on campus is highly recommended to allow for easy conversation between guests. It is at the discretion of the Program Director to invite other faculty or preceptorship members.
Day 2  
7:30 am Breakfast Meeting with Administration. Attendees usually include the College President, Department Chair or Dean, Chief Financial Officer, Dean of Admissions. This is usually best conducted as a continental breakfast somewhere on campus or in the meeting room. This meeting is casual and no formal agenda is required.

8:30 am


9:00 am

Meeting with Financial staff (Financial officer who oversees budgeting for the Program)

Meeting with VT Program Faculty and Staff and curriculum review. It is preferable that the entire faculty/staff and part-time/adjuncts of the program attend this session; however, the team realizes that teaching obligations may take precedence. The Program Director may be excused for a portion of this session.

10:30 am Library Resource Specialist interview and library tour if not included in facility tour. This session should include a presentation of online resources and accessibility.
11:00 am Working Lunch (site team members only). The Program Director is responsible for arranging this meal as well. A brown bag or box lunch works best.
1:00 pm Visit off-site facilities with Program Director (if utilized). Programs are required to submit images of all facilities used for primary learning for site team review. Please contact the AVMA office to determine need/applicability of sites in question. The team prefers to visit sites where students receive a majority of their hands-on experience. This does not include individual preceptorship sites.
3:00 pm Meet with Program Director
4:00 pm Site visit team conference (work on Report) The team will need a computer with printing capabilities.
6:00 pm Working Dinner for Site Team Only. The Program should arrange for dinner either at the hotel or someplace within walking or shuttle distance from the hotel
Day 3  
7:30 am Meeting with Program Director. Review of recommendations
9:00 am Site visit team exit interview with Administration. The College President and Department Dean are invited to this; however, it is the discretion of the Program Director to invite Administration. Typically, whomever the Program Director needs to report the outcome of this visit to is invited.