CVTEA Accreditation Policies and Procedures - Roster

Last Update to this Section: July 2013

III. CVTEA Roster 2013-2014

Representing/Member City/State Term
Private Large Animal Practice
Dr. Martha Mallicote
Micanopy, FL 2013-2019
Private Small Animal Practice
Dr. Geoffrey Gardner
Lakeland, FL 2008-2014
Educators of Veterinary Technicians
Dr. Melvin C. Chambliss

Alfred Station, NY

2004-2010; 2010-2016
Filling unexpired term 2007-2010
Industrial Veterinary Medicine
Dr. James Stepusin
Indianapolis, IN 2010-2016
Faculties of Colleges of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Regina Brotherton
Rogersville, TN 2011-2017
Regulatory Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Technicians​ ​ ​
Ms. Ramona Crane, LVT, CVT
Colorado Springs, CO
2005-2011 ext to 2014* Filling unexpired term 2012-2014

Ms. Niki Riggleman, LVT​

Seattle, WA
2008-2014 ext to 2016*
2012-2018; un-expired term
Non-Program Affiliated Veterinary Technicians​ ​ ​
Ms. Debbie Whitten, LVT
Birmingham, AL
2006-2012 ext to 2013*
Ms. C. Lynn Reece, RVT​ Athens, GA​ 2006-2012 ext to 2015*
Ms. Kelsie Dolezal, CVT​ Crystal Lake, IL​


 Ms. Judy Conley, LVT

Clinton, MI


Laboratory Animal Medicine
Veterinary State Boards
Dr. John Lawrence
Burnsville, MN 2009-2015
Public​ ​ ​
Ms. Peggy Gaynor

Fargo, ND
2008-2013; extended to 2015*; filling unexpired term
Dr. Bruce Kinghorn​ Fair Oaks, CA​ 2008-2014; filling unexpired term 2011-2014 ​
Council on Education
Dr. John Scamahorn
Greencastle, IN  2012-2013
Dr. Kimberly Kratt
Onalaska, WI 2012-2018
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Dr. Glen Jackson
Belle River, Ontario 2007-2014

* CVTEA recommended and the AVMA Executive Board approved a recommendation to extend the terms of a limited number of CVTEA members to maintain consistency in the level of experience on the CVTEA. This was recommended due to the rapid expansion of veterinary technology programs, combined with an upcoming high rate of turnover on the CVTEA in the next two years as a result of the expansion of the committee six years ago.

AVMA Staff Roster
Oversight responsibility:


Ms. Rachel A. Valentine, RVT, BS, Assistant Director

Dr. Karen Martens Brandt, Assistant Director

Education and Research Division
1931 N. Meacham Road, Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360

Staff responsibility: Ms. Julie Horvath, CVTEA Program Administrator
847-925-8070 ext. 6624