CVTEA Accreditation Policies and Procedures - Roster

Last Update to this Section: January 2018

III. CVTEA Roster 2017-2018

Representing/Member City/State Term

Private Large Animal Practice

Dr. Martha Mallicote

Micanopy, FL 2013-2019
Private Small Animal Practice
Dr. Ronda DeVold
Rockford, IL 2014-2020; filling un-expired term 2018-2020
Educators of Veterinary Technicians
Dr. Kelly Alan Black

McKinney, TX


Industrial Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Dale Cooper

Gobles, MI


Faculties of Colleges of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Elizabeth Thompson
Harrogate, TN 2017-2023
Regulatory Veterinary Medicine
Original Term: 2013-2019
Veterinary Technicians​ ​ ​
Ms. Tracy Blais, CVT
Newton Center, MA
2016 - 2022​

Non-Program Affiliated Veterinary Technicians 

Ms. Ramona Crane, LVT, CVT
​Colorado Springs, CO 2014-2020; filling un-expired term 2012-2014
Ms. Mary Berg, BS, RVT, LATG, VTS (Dentistry) ​Lawrence, KS ​   2017-2023
Ms. Kellyt Foltz, BA, LVT, VTS (ECC)
Notasulga, AL 2017-2023​
Ms. Kelsie Dolezal, CVT​ Crystal Lake, IL 2013 - 2019​
Ms. Sharon Johnston, RVT, VTS (Anesthesia)​ Statham, GA​


Dr. Sandra Morales Foster, LVT, MS, DrPH (Anesthesia)

Homewood, AL


Laboratory Animal Medicine
Dr. Cynthia Lockworth

Houston, TX


2012-2018 filling un-expired term 2013-2018
Veterinary State Boards
Dr. Susan Bull
Candler, NC 2015-2021
Public​ ​ ​

Dr. Bruce Kinghorn

Fair Oaks, CA

Filling unexpired term 2014-2020

Ms. Lisa Miller ​Dresher, PA    2015-2021​
Council on Education
Dr. James Hoffmann
Searcy, AR  2017-2018
Dr. Kimberly Kratt
Onalaska, WI 2012-2018
Canadian Veterinary                      Medical Association
Dr. Jocelyn Forseille
Spruce Grove, AB 2017-2018


AVMA Staff Roster
Oversight responsibility:



Ms. Rachel A. Valentine, RVT, BS, Assistant Director
 847-925-8070 ext. 6676
Ms. Laura Lien, CVT, VTS-LAIM, MS Assistant Director
847-925-8070 ext. 6609
Dr. Kenneth A. Clever

Education and Research Division
1931 N. Meacham Road, Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360


Staff responsibility:

Ms. Julie Horvath, CVTEA Accreditation Manager
847-925-8070 ext. 6624

Ms. Diana Olivera, Administrative Assistant
847-925-8070 ext. 6306