ASPA releases video on importance of accreditation

Winter 2011

The Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA) has released a video entitled Specialized & Professional Accreditation: What Should I Know? The video provides information on the value of specialized and professional accreditation to students, parents, counselors and others with an interest in education. Educational accreditation is used for a variety of reasons including to:

  • Indicate that quality standards developed with broad-based input from those in the discipline have been met
  • Increase access to federal student financial aid
  • Enable students to sit for licensure or certification examinations
  • Support applications to masters or doctorate level programs in selected fields of study
  • Ensure that students are offered the opportunity to develop the skills and earn the credentials that are required in the marketplace after graduation.

According to Cynthia Davenport, ASPA Executive Director, "Accreditation helps a student know whether a particular college offers a quality education with programs that have been designed to help students work successfully in their chosen fields of study."


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