COE Standard Newsletter - Summer 2013 - AVMA strategic plan transforms veterinary education

Summer 2013

The current strategic plan of the AVMA, adopted by the Executive Board in 2012, has enabled the association to mobilize significant resources to accomplish important goals for the profession and the organization. The educational goals of the plan includes promoting the development of a sustainable and affordable educational model that graduates competent veterinarians who meet the practice, scientific, global societal, and workforce needs of the 21st century.

Some ways in which the educational goals have been accomplished involve the revision of Standard 9 Curriculum to include a requirement to provide opportunities throughout the curriculum for students to gain an understanding of the influences of different cultures on the delivery of veterinary medical services. As part of the accreditation process, colleges are now required to describe opportunities provided for students to learn how different cultural and other influences can impact the provision of veterinary medical services.

Standard 9 was also revised to include a requirement to promote knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, aptitudes and behaviors necessary to address the health and well-being of animals in the context of advancing technologies. As a part of the accreditation process colleges are now required to describe the resources available to students for improving their skills in evaluating information relevant to veterinary medicine from all media sources.

Colleges also are required to report curricular and extracurricular opportunities available for students to develop leadership skills.

To learn more about the AVMA’s strategic plan and how it impacts veterinary education click here.

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