NAVMEC report approved

Summer 2011

The North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium (NAVMEC) was established to study how educational models, accreditation, and licensing can work together to educate the next generation of veterinarians. Among its goals is to ensure that admissions, curricula, accreditation, and testing/licensure are competency driven. NAVMEC was convened by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) with participants including veterinary students, employers of veterinarians, clinical practitioners, public practice employers, and leaders in veterinary medical education, global health, public health, public policy, the veterinary industry, animal care and welfare, and change management.

On July 17, 2011 the AAVMC approved the NAVMEC report entitled Roadmap for Veterinary Medical Education in the 21st Century. The report emphasizes the need for groups involved in veterinary medical education, accreditation, and testing/licensure to work together to provide graduates of North American veterinary medical schools with the core knowledge, skills, and competences required to meet society's evolving needs.


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