COE Accreditation Policies and Procedures: Roster

March 2014 (revised September 2014)

2. Council on Education Roster

Member/Representing City/State Term
Basic Science - Frederik J. Derksen (Professor, Michigan State University CVM) East Lansing, MI 2009-2015
Public - Nicole K. Roberts (Assistant Dean, University of New York School for Biomedical Education) New York, NY 2009-2015
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association - Baljit Singh (Professor, University of Saskatoon Western CVM) Saskatoon, SK 2012-2015
Non-Private, Non-Academic Veterinary Medicine - Kevin B. Donnelly (filling unexpired term) (Director, Pharmaceutical Company) S. San Francisco, CA 2014-2015
Postgraduate Education - John R. Pascoe (Executive Associate Dean, University of California-Davis SVM) Winters, CA 2010-2016
Private Mixed Clinical Practice  - Ronald E. Gill (Mixed Animal Practitioner) West Salem, IL 2010-2016
Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges – Cyril Clarke (Dean, Virginia Tech CVM) Blacksburg, VA 2013-2016
 Basic Science - L. Garry Adams (Professor, Texas A&M University CVMBS) College Station, TX 2011-2017
Veterinary Preventive Medicine - Philip H. Kass (Professor, University of California-Davis SVM) Davis, CA 2011-2017
Private Clinical Practice - John R. Scamahorn (Mixed Animal Practitioner) Greencastle, IN 2011-2017
Member-at-Large - open 2014-2018
Private Clinical Practice - Billy D. Martindale (Companion Animal Practitioner) Denison, TX 2012-2018
Private Food Animal Clinical Practice - Patrick S. Farrell (Food Animal Practitioner) Russell, PA 2012-2018
Large Animal Clinical Science - William Epperson (Professor, Mississippi State University CVM) Starkville, MS 2013-2019
Veterinary Medical Research - Caroline Zeiss (Professor, Yale University) New Haven, CT 2013-2019
Private Equine Practice - Stephen M. Reed (filling unexpired term) (Equine Practitioner) Lexington, KY 2014-2019
Private Small Animal Clinical Practice - Ann E. Hohenhaus (Small Animal Practitioner) New York, NY 2014-2020
Small Animal Clinical Science - Spencer A. Johnston (Department Head, University of Georgia CVM) Statham, GA 2014-2020
Public - B. E. Colway (Social Worker, Retired) Knoxville, TN 2014-2020
Public - Nicole J. Borges (Professor, Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine) Dayton, OH 2014-2020