COE Accreditation Policies and Procedures: Evaluation Reports

December 2015 

14. Reports of Evaluation

The chair of the team will prepare a final draft of the report and forward it to staff within 30 days of the conclusion of the visit. Copies of the final draft are sent by AVMA staff to the dean of the college for correction of factual errors. The final draft, together with any comments by the dean or the university president, is presented to the Council by the primary COE reviewer at the next semi-annual Council meeting.

Directives are a part of the report of evaluation. If major or minor deficiencies with a Standard(s) are noted, the Council proposes a remedy for each deficiency listed in the Directives section under the affected Standard(s) and sets a time line for the college to come into compliance. Notation is made in the Recommendation section of the Standard when specific deficiencies are not identified, but the Council wishes to provide suggestions for improvement of the educational program.

Within 90 days of mailing the final Report of Evaluation, the COE will request that the dean of the school/college provide written comments on outcome(s) of the accreditation process. Specifically he/she will provide comments regarding the impact of the recommendations on 1) the education and educational process of the DVM/VMD students, 2) student outcomes, 3) program finances, 4) the university, 5) the state legislative process (where appropriate), and 6) other (to be defined by the dean). This report will be used by the Council to determine if the recommendations are clearly understood; and to determine the impact of the recommendations on the school/college/university/state.